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Senior N.T.Ramarao Photos

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (born Nimmakuru, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, May 28, 1923 on 18 January 1996), also known as NTR, was an actor, director, producer and politician. He is the founder of Telugu Desam Party and served as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. This Padma Shri by the Government of India received in 1968 in recognition of his contribution to Telugu cinema. After his career in movies, Rao became a political activist and party leader. He is the defender of their own cultural identity, Andhra Pradesh, is from Madras, which is often associated with known

Career in Acting:
He began his career with a police inspector in the film Mana Desam (1949). It shows the god Krishna in Maya Bazaar, Sri Veera Sura Karna Krishnaarjuna Yuddham Dana), Rama (Lava Kusa), Bheeshma (Bheeshma) Ravana (Bhookailasa) and Arjuna (Nartanasala).
In general, he played several roles in the same film.

NTR academic training in Telugu literature under the guidance of Dr. Vishwanatha Satyanaraya. Rao, author of several literary works including plays on screen, the Treaty on the importance of the various Puranas. During the manufacturing process Narthanasala Rao was trained in classical Rudra Natyam and Kuchipudi under the guidance of Dr. Vempati Satyam. Rao and Satyam has created several classical mudras (poses and manarisms) for male dancers.

NTR produced five films, following the formal bid farewell to film industry during the five years he was elected to power. These films "Major Chandrakanth», «», «Samrat Ashoka Swami Srimad Virat veerabramhendra profit", "Kavi Samrat Srinadha", "Vishwamitra"

Telugu Desam Party:
In 1982, Rao along the campaign Telugu Desam Party fledgling party. campaign theme was: "If Mr. Minister of Andhra Pradesh will not be able to an audience of Delhi, How to get an audience to hear his voice:" It highlights the Indian National Congress, Rao said. also contested the elections in the constituency of Hindupur in Anantapur District and Gudivada Krishna District.

With a victory in the elections, formed immediately Rama Rao, a government ruled the state of Andhra Pradesh for a full term. He entered the elections with the slogan Atma Gauravam variable Telugu People Telugu self-respect. " During his reign, has also adopted the Law on inherit the same rights to ancestral property to daughters.

On Independence Day, 15 August 1984, Rao was removed of his duties by Ramlow, then Governor of Andhra Pradesh, was a revolt with the help Bhaskara Rao Rama Rao Nadendla while in the U.S., United for open heart surgery. Rao started the "ratham Chaitanya (" return to the bustle of people) on the third day after his operation. Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi refused Shankar Dayal Sharma appointed Ramlow and location. Nadendla Bhaskara Rao has no majority in the Assembly within a month, returning to power and Sharma Rama Rao, the Andhra Pradesh State, the Assembly is dissolved and called for a new term in 1985.
Second quarter
fter his return to power, abolished the Legislative Council of Andhra Pradesh, Rao, saying that this was a performance from the burden the state budget. He introduced reforms that corrupt government offices accountable to elected officials instead. Changed the system of grants for institutes of technology and medicine and brought EAMCET. It removed the system of grace notes for secondary education. It is illegal for teachers government offered individualized instruction.

Rao has a new set of commands to the government, sold below average Allwyn State Manufacturing Company created by machine sales Mahindra.
Rao began housing project for low income and 500,000 houses in five years to replace the thatched houses. The program for nine years under his successor, Naidu and another 1 million subscriber households. The program lasts until today at the Governor Reddy's building another 300,000 houses under the condition of five years from Reddy.

Third term
He returned to power in 1994, when he put the rice and cash Rs 2/kg Andhra Pradesh promised without alcohol.
Has the program Rs2/kg rice. The social safety net was later expanded to include free food for children of primary school age children in public schools for the same income group and the regime has encouraged a greater reduction of child labor and increasing literacy. .
Rao directed the Department of Tourism major investments for the restructuring Tirupathi, Tirumala and Amaravathi tourist destinations and cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Personal life
Basavatarakam Rao was the first marriage after his death, he married Lakshmi Parvathi (the NTR TDP office). He had seven son and four daughters, including his wife Bhuvaneswari of Nara Chandrababu Naidu (Vice Chairman of the Food Heritage) and Daggubati Purandeswari, Member of the Indian National Congress Party and his wife Daggubati Venkateswara Rao. His son is actor Nandamuri Balakrishna in the film industry and Telugu Nandamuri Harikrishna, actors and politicians. He has several grandchildren, including NT Rama Rao Jr.
NT Rama Rao passed away 18th January 1996 from a heart attack ....

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